HACCP - ISO:22000:2005 - BELL Hospitality Consultants
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HACCP – ISO:22000:2005

Methods Applicable by BELL for H.A.C.C.P. and I.S.O. Standards

Quality System ISO 9001 ELOT 9001:2008
Food Assurance Handling System ISO 22000:2005
H. A .C .C .P. E.L.O.T. 1416
Studies and Applications Methods for the Handling and Assurance of Foods and Beverages in accordance with regulations of the Hellenic Foods E.F.E.T.
Educational Program applied to Personnel who shall be responsible for Handling Regulations described above. Special groups of 12 persons for attending special Seminars realizing at your venues or at ours same.
Seminars available for the persons responsible for handling the H.A.C.C.P. rules Applied to Hygiene for Foods and Beverages.
Techniques applied to Evaluation and Marking the Safety Point for firms dealing with the Foods and Beverages Trade
Studies concerning the Environment in accordance with ISO 14001 regulations.
Studies and Applications for Handling the Hygiene and Labor Security according to the regulations set by the O .H .S .A . S 1801.
Completing the files concerning the Marking Point CE.
Completing the files concerning the Environmental Marking Point for products
referring to those characterized as Eco Label

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